Guided by the Principles of Lasallian Schools and by the Vision-Mission Statement of De La Salle Araneta University, the Basic Education Department offers well-balanced education that is geared toward developing Christian, ethical, integrated, and socially-concerned individuals and achievers in the service of God and country.

Grade School

Elementary Education, which covers Grades 1 – 6, prepares students for junior high school by helping them to communicate effectively, to acquire competencies such as critical thinking and reasoning skills, to maintain and develop both physical and emotional health, to become active participants in the learning process, and to value the importance of the agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine.

Junior High School

Junior High School, which covers Grades 7 – 10, aims to develop and enhance the total development of elementary school students and to inculcate in them Christian values, virtues of concern, and service to country and fellowmen. It does these by helping students recognize their skills and interests, exposing them to extra-curricular activities that pave the way for self-discovery and leadership, and presenting them with opportunities to participate in social and civic-related issues.

Special Education (GROW)

The university’s Special Education Program, which adopts the Giving & Rewarding of Opportunities to Wonderful Students curriculum, aims to help children with special needs discover, develop, and maximize their full potential through a variety of special education services. The program seeks to hone the skills of these children so that they are able to function well in school, family, and community settings, and live normal and productive lives.