The University Research Center (URC), formerly known as the University Research Coordination Office (URCO), is the official think-tank of the De La Salle Araneta University.

The University Research Center shall be the preeminent international institution engaged in groundbreaking and cutting-edge researches for environmental studies, veterinary and agricultural sciences, technology and integrated systems, educational development, social sciences, management, and policy in response to the escalating multifaceted challenges of the century.

The Center, using world-class approaches, conducts outstanding scholarly researches, strategic analyses, and science-based policy solutions that address not only the local-national-global scale veterinary and agricultural issues but also their socio-economic risks and impacts.

The Center, having partnerships with the different stakeholders such as Local Government Units (LGUs), Non-Governmental Organizations, (NGOs), People’s Organizations (POs), government institutions, and international agencies, creates researches that serve as platforms on the dynamics of educational, psychological, and environmental modulations due to the geographical exposure and state of economies.

The Center, using internationally accepted social and technical models, generates research outputs that address the existing policy implementation gap concerning the translation of the diverse management strategies and schemes into actual execution.

Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research


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