The Lasallian Mission and Formation Office (LMFO) accompanies students, partners, and other stakeholders in discovering God’s active presence in order to help them judge and evaluate everyday decisions in light of the Gospel.

Campus Ministry

The Lasallian Mission and Formation Office (LMFO) conducts retreats and recollections for students in order to help them discover God in their lives and find God’s will to carry out His plan of salvation.

Grade School:

Nursery Kinder: I am chosen, I am God’s creation
Grade 1: One God, One Family
Grade 2: All Gifts, One Church
Grade 3: One Body, One Christ (For First Communicants)
Grade 4: Lamp to my feet, Lamp to my Path
Grade 5: Living Bread, Living Water
Grade 6 (Candidates for Confirmation): I am a Lasallian, I am a Blessing

Junior High School:

Grade 7: Knowing Jesus, Loving Jesus
Grade 8: Serving Jesus, Sharing Jesus
Grade 9: Called to Witness, Sent to Love
Grade 10: Building Community, Serving Other

Senior High School:

Grade 11: Honoring Human Experiences: God’s Revelation of His Presence in the Ordinariness of Life
Grade 12: Jesus is with Me in My Decisions


First Year: Recollection 1 – Santawag
Second Year: Recollection 2 – Pakikipag-isa
Graduation Year: Retreat 3 – Kamusta ka?

Worship Ministry

The Lasallian Mission and Formation Office (LMFO) offers various sacraments, liturgy, and para-liturgical services to shepherd the community for the greater glory of God.

1. Schedule of Mass

DLSAU Malabon Campus
Mondays to Fridays | 12:00 NN
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays | 07:30 AM

Salikneta Farm
Thursdays | 06:00 PM
Saturdays | 06:00 PM

2. Mass of the Holy Spirit
3. Sacrament of Confirmation (for Grade 6)
4. First Communion (Grade 3)
5. Confession, Blessing
6. Popular Devotion

Adult Formation

The Lasallian Mission and Formation Office provides Lasallian spirituality sessions to adult partners of the community through the Animating Lasallian Partners Program (ALPA). Through ALPA, partners are helped to develop their Lasallian identity and Christian values, as well as empower them to be ambassadors of Christ to the De La Salle Araneta University community and its students.