The College of Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences (CVMAS) aims to provide quality education and excellence in veterinary medicine, agricultural sciences, and food technology with emphasis on companion animal practice, animal welfare, animal health, crop and livestock production, food processing and safety, environmental management, extension service, and research to produce graduates whose competencies meet world-class standards.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program aims to provide students with grounded scientific understanding in the proper care of animals and with competencies in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of animal diseases. The program also equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and clinical training to perform duties in livestock and exotic animal facilities, research laboratories, animal pharmaceutical companies, national veterinary services offices, and private clinics locally and internationally.

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Food Technology Program is primarily designed to teach students to convert raw materials into safe, stable, palatable, and nutritious foods through an in-depth understanding of science and related fields of study. The program focuses on the post-harvest handling, preparation, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of food to ensure food security and the well-being of individuals, families and communities. The program also includes the analysis of the social, cultural, economic, managerial, and environmental aspects of food systems.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Program provides students with a broad and solid scientific background in agriculture so that they are able to develop, maintain, and improve agricultural process and systems. The program has a strong work component that is unique to its curriculum, revived during the program was transferred to the Agrivet Sciences Institute in Salikneta Farm in 2012.

The Salikneta Farm is a 63-hectare farmland situated in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Salikneta Farm serves as a practical farm laboratory for BS Agriculture students that would facilitate the immediate application of the theories and concepts that they have learned from their program.

Dubbed as the “farm of the future”, Salikneta Farm marries innovative instruction and scientifically-grounded research to re-introduce the viability of a degree in agriculture and animal sciences to the present generation.