Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management

The program is designed for senior level leaders/managers from educational institutions, non-profit sector organizations, and educational industries. The program requires intellectual rigor and may serve as a springboard for career advancement as well as an avenue toward developing a professional network for development. The coursework includes in depth discussions and analysis on relevant issues and topics related to educational leadership and management and on the different strategies employed in handling the said issues at all levels.

Doctor of Philosophy in Management

The program prepares learners to conduct high quality and innovative research in the field of business management and is designed for business practitioners who are highly committed to scholarly research in management. Furthermore, the learners are exposed to current business models and relevant issues in the areas of finances, human resource, risk management, organizational development, and investment with special emphasis on corporate social responsibility.

Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences, Major in Animal Science

The program takes an advanced scholarly approach to the field of animal science. It aims to address, through innovative instruction and vital researches, the related issues of animal nutrition and hygiene, animal production, food production and management, and other imperatives facing modern animal scientists.

Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry

The program is designed to accompany our forester-learners to think and work independently as a scholar and to contribute to Philippine society by conducting original research in a chosen area of natural resource management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, forest plantation management, forest restoration and rehabilitation, and environmental advocacies.