Lasallian Language Center |


The Lasallian Language Center is DLSAU’s response to the growing demand for English language learning. The Center offers personalized classes to further improve each student’s English communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Special programs for TOEFL and TOEIC are also offered. Each class is handled by experienced language instructors to ensure successful language learning. The center is equipped with a computer laboratory, a study room, orientation halls, classrooms for one-on-one and group classes. It also provides a hostel to ensure the student’s very comfortable stay in the Philippines.

For more information about DLSAU-LLC, please contact any of our officers:

Mr. Joseph Hyun
(Director for Business Affairs)

Dr. Ma. Corazon J. Mendoza
(School Director)

Mr. James Lee
(Assistant School Director)

Contact Information

Office Phone: +63 (2) 332 - 3911
Internet Phone: 07074176766