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Building up a more collaborative, dynamic and sustainable De La Salle Araneta University community through empowered alumni relations and stronger external linkages towards institutional development.

To realize the vision, the office of alumni relations and external linkages commits to:

1. Strengthen alumni relations by forming local chapters and organize activities in their own communities.

2. Maximize alumni support for student technical and scholarship program, as well as employment opportunities for new graduates.

3. Establish linkages with local, national and international institutions and agencies for physical and financial assistance in various university projects and programs.

4. Intensify partnerships with sector who are closely working on academic and student concerns.

5. Promote the ideals of the University and its significant role in nation building through inter-institutional and organizational network cooperation.

6. Sought to ascertain the current level of entrepreneurial behavior and the future entrepreneurial ambitions of alumni.

7. Being an alumnus it is imperative that the officer of the Alumni Relations and External Linkages should be a part of a noble advocacy and should play role on concretizing the vision and mission of the University and the goals and objectives of the office to encourage all the alumni be part in the realization of the vision mission of the University.

Contact Information

Office Phone: +63(2) 330 - 9129 to 33 loc 128

Mrs. Amelita Ajoc
Head Alumni, External Relations, and Linkages Office