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Scholarships & Assistantships - Requirements & Procedures

Admission – Requirements & Procedures: Scholarships & Assistantships

College Entrance Scholarship Requirements:

(For New Applicant)

1. He / She must be a Valedictorian / Salutatorian of a graduating class of not less than 100 students.

2. He / She must be subject to a medical examination by the school physician and certified to be fit to study.

(For Renewal of Scholarship)

1. He / She must have no failing mark in any enrolled subject in the preceding semester including ROTC / NSTP.

2. He / She must not have been subjected to any disciplinary case during his / her stay in the university.

Terms & Condition:

1. He / She must carry at least 18 units as prescribed in his / her respective curricula and / or a minimum load of 18 units.

2. He / She must pay for any subjects dropped during the semester.

3. The privilege is good for one school year:

4. Scholarship is subject to renewal after one school year under Victoria Academic Scholarship as recommended by the College Dean, provided the recipient maintains a general weighted average of at least 3.4 or better with no grade lower than 2.5 except in ROTC / NSTP.

Victoria Academic Scholarship Requirements:

Terms & Conditions:

University Athletic Assistantship Requirements:


Recruitment & Selection:

Classification of Athletic Assistantship This will vary according to the athlete’s rank as follows:

Who are qualified? Member of the mythical selection of the league where the school is participating.

Partial Athletic Assistantship – Privilege: 50% discount on tuition and laboratory fees only.
Who are qualified? Athletes who belong to the top 7th rank players of the particular event.

Terms & Condition:

Cultural Group Members Financial Aid Requirements:

Terms & Conditions:

Privileges: Two years active membership of the cultural group are given 50% discount on tuition and laboratory fees.

Tuition Fee Discounts
Special Grants on Brothers and Sisters
(Grade School / High School / College / Graduate Studies)

Individual Special Grantees
(Private Individuals / Companies / Associations / Foundations)


Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP) Requirements
The applicant must be a bona fide De La Salle – Araneta University student with at least one school year residence in the university, enrolled in any of the following CHED priority programs / courses:

He / She should be 3rd year, 4th year and graduating college student.
He / She should have a passing weighted average from the previous semester.
He / She should not be a beneficiary of any other scholarship / assistantship.
He / She should have the intention of using the amount solely for educational expenses (Tuition Fee / Miscellaneous Fee / Graduation Fee / Thesis Fee only).
He / She should be willing to comply with the program’s rules and regulations.


Achievement Award in Veterinary Medicine (Awarded to the Veterinary Medicine Candidate for Graduation with the highest Academic grade point average)


Achievement Award in Veterinary Medicine (Awarded to the Veterinary Medicine incoming sixth year with the highest Academic grade point average during his / her 1st year to 5th year level Pre-Clinical Curriculum)

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